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New vertical mixer from Zago at EIMA

The new vertical TMR mixer A.V.M.  series H  Antares Vertical Mixer, has been conceived for heavy and continuous works, it is an amazing machine, that matches advanced technology and exceptional sturdiness.

The  AVM H Series has been designed to meet the middle and big size Dairy Farms needs.

The vertical AVM H (single auger) and AVM  WH (double augers) series, are heavy mixers with strong chassis with 4  loading cells. The discharge  can be direct discharge or side discharge conveyor, or  front or rear bilateral discharge conveyor, made of steel chain, SS steel chain and /or PVC unloading belt, to the aim of getting  a perfect distribution of the product.

To completion this range there is a wide choice of options and accessories according to the Farmer demands.

The series AVM S  is available in models with 8 to 40 m3 capacity.

Published on: 05 NOV 2012