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Gold Medal Eurotier - GEA DairyProQ: GEA Milking Place Module

An intelligent, automatically operating milking place module for existing milking parlours for completely or semi-automatic milking of cows has won an award. The innovative milking place module carries out all animal-related work steps connected with proper milk production, from teat cleaning and foremilking to teat dipping. The slim design of the milking place module allows it to be installed as a place divider in every variant of existing milking systems, regardless of whether these are rotary, tandem, herringbone or side-by-side milking parlours. Thanks to the good accessibility of the udder, semi-automatic milking operations are also possible.

Larger dairy cattle facilities can use this technology as a step towards automating heavy milking work, without having to convert the regular work processes and other procedures in dairy cattle keeping and husbandry.

Automation with the milking place module makes it possible to save on labour costs, releasing funds for technical equipment of the individual place solution.

GEA Farm Technologies GmbH

Published on: 28 NOV 2012