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Pöttinger bull for Scotland

A TORRO is the 10,000th loader wagon to leave the state-of-the-art assembly line
At the beginning of December a very special loader wagon was handed over to its new owner at Pöttinger, the world's No. 1 in loader wagons: This loader wagon is the 10,000th to be built at the modern assembly line in Grieskirchen/Austria, which went into operation some years ago. Graham Rae, a Scottish contractor, received the TORRO 5100 L in person at the production plant.

The “bull” goes to a new home
The loader wagon assembly line allows order-specific manufacturing, mixed production of different types of loader wagon, higher productivity as well as better product quality. At the beginning of December the 10,000th loader wagon – a TORRO 5100 L - was built on this assembly line. The name TORRO is borrowed from the Spanish "el toro" – "the bull". Klaus Pöttinger, the technical director, officially handed over the high performance rotor loader wagon to its new owner, Graham Rae from Lockerbie in Scotland.
The contractor travelled to the plant in Grieskirchen with his son Andrew and the agricultural machinery dealer Robbie Dalgliesh as well as the TORRO driver Dennis Mackinder. The loader wagon belonging to this forward-looking contractor is of course equipped with the autocut automatic knife sharpening system. As a result he is able to offer his customers consistent chopping quality to benefit the health of their livestock. Autocut enables automatic and convenient sharpening of all 39 knives in just 3 minutes, directly on the loader wagon. "This automatic knife sharpening system is a must-have on the loader wagon. That's the reason why we decided to go for a Pöttinger wagon", explains Graham Rae during the handover event. "Because the grassland seasons starts relatively late where we are, we probably won't use the TORRO until May", says Dennis Mackinder, looking forward to using the TORRO for the first time. Graham Rae was very impressed with the production plant; he explained that he visited Grieskirchen for the first time in back in 2007. He remembered the "Made in Austria" quality of the cutter bars. At that time he was also amazed at the workmanship of the technicians on the assembly line.
The Scottish delegation was accompanied by Shaun Groom, managing director of the recently founded Pöttinger subsidiary in Great Britain, and the area sales manager Alan Watt.

More Success with Pöttinger
Loader wagons and Pöttinger – a worldwide success story that goes from strength to strength. The recipe for success is described by the managing directors of the company Heinz and Klaus Pöttinger as follows: "We are always listening to our markets and with this assembly line we are able to deliver an excellent response to our customers' individual needs".

Published on: 18 DEZ 2012