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Pöttinger builds modern logistics centre for spare parts

Best availability of 50,000 parts

The signal for the start of construction on Pöttinger's new SparePartsWORLD was given on 04 July 2016. In Taufkirchen an der Trattnach - very close to the company's Grieskirchen headquarters in Austria - a modern 7,000 sqm logistics centre is being built on approximately 3 hectares of ground to warehouse around 50,000 spares and wear parts. The new logistics centre is part of the agricultural machinery manufacturer's major plant expansion project. The new SparePartsWORLD is due for completion early 2017.

Pöttinger has invested massively in its plants in recent years to meet the requirements of an international market and increasing expectations in the agricultural technology sector. The Pöttinger SparePartsWORLD project rounds off this phase of expansion. 

Availability when and as long as you need
Rapid and long-term availability of parts is a key factor for farmers and contractors. To guarantee this level of availability it is important that we are close to our customers regionally, offer spare parts over multiple generations, and implement a modern, efficient logistics concept. The new SparePartsWORLD is the logistics hub for dispatching consignments worldwide. It features an automatic small parts warehouse as well as a mechanised pallet rack system with a total of around 50,000 Original spares and wear parts – from the smallest gasket through to complete implement frames: we will be processing up to 800 customer orders every day and dispatch 3.5 million different items every year.

"With this logistics centre we will be setting a new standard in terms of efficient and flexible spare parts supply," say Managing Directors Heinz and Klaus Pöttinger: "First class parts quality and a worldwide service network that are unbeatable make sure that we can provide our customers with an optimum supply of spare parts as quickly as possible."

Published on: 05 JUL 2016