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Unbeatable manoeuvrability: Pöttinger TOP 612 rake

Pöttinger has over many years developed its rakes to deliver not only high forage quality, but also exceptional manoeuvrability. Thanks to its three-point linkage mounting and short, compact construction, the new TOP 612 centre-swath rake with a working width of 5.9 m offers unbeatable manoeuvrability. The three-point linkage mounting features a pivoting headstock is practical and ingeniously designed. The hydraulic interlock on the pivoting headstock ensures safe transport and turning when raised at the headland.

The new TOPTECH PLUS rotor unit combines a proven system with innovative technology. The new rotors with a diameter of 2.80 m, a cam track diameter of 350 mm and 11 tine arms retain several field-proven features. The large diameter cam track without steep inclines provides the tine arms with maximum strength and minimum stress on the arm bearings. The tine arms can be easily replaced using just two bolts if a collision should occur.

This is another positive contribution to ensuring the reliability of the machine. The rotor gearbox unit is extremely rugged with its gears submerged in semi liquid grease and completely sealed to keep out dust. A large diameter crown wheel guarantees smooth running and a long service life. The new rotor unit guarantees greater performance, strength and reliability at the same time as ease of maintenance.According to changing forage yields and harvesting conditions the cam track can be easily adjusted to suit.

The transport height remains well under 4 m without removing the tine arms and with a transport width of just 2.7 m when folded the machine is also extremely compact for transport.

For undulating ground a tandem chassis is also available as an option.

Published on: 12 OCT 2016