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Alliance F344 ELIT will make its debut at Euroforest in France

Alliance is yet to present another revolutionary tire – Alliance F344 ELIT (Low Pressure) – the world’s first low inflation forestry tire will make its debut at Euroforest in France (June 21-23, 2018). Years of expertise, extensive research and intensive testing led to the ground-breaking ELIT technology. ELIT stands for Engineered Low Inflation Tire and brings clear design enhancements, enabling Alliance F344 ELIT tires to carry the same load as standard forestry tires at half the rated air pressure. ELIT thus allows for a larger footprint, high traction and enhanced fuel efficiency at the same time. Special tread compounds and steal reinforcements provide the necessary durability to sustain extreme working environments during a long service life. 

Engineered to excel 
The tread design of the Alliance F344 ELIT (Low Pressure) tires features an optimal lug angle, thus providing excellent grip, traction and self-cleaning properties. Special tread compounds ensure durability as well as cut and chip resistance, steal reinforcements deliver puncture protection, and the reinforced dual bead provides an enhanced strength, thus preventing rim slippage and ensuring stability while operating at lower tire pressures. 

Keeping soils in forests undisturbed as much as possible is a prerequisite for a proper plant growth, following timber harvest and logging operations. The main adverse effect on forest soils is an excessive compaction caused by vehicle weight, type of running gear, tire inflation pressure, tire size, and tire construction. The F344 ELIT (Low Pressure) thus allows for a significant reduction of soil pressure due to its construction and operation with a reduced tire inflation pressure. 

True world’s first! 
The world’s first low inflation tires Alliance F344 ELIT with constructional enhancements are able to carry the same load being inflated only up to 2.5 bars in comparison with the standard forestry tires inflated with 4.5 – 5 bars. Low pressure tires offer a significantly larger footprint, leading to a lower soil compaction and a comfortable ride for an operator. In addition, a larger footprint provides high traction, reduces fuel costs and increases overall productivity of operational forest work. Thanks to special tread compounds and the reinforced dual bead, this tire is made for a long service life and offers exceptional performance and stability also when operating with reduced inflation pressure.  

With PR 20, this innovative tire is available in size 710/40-24.5 for 24.5 rims and in sizes 800/400-26.5, 710/45-26.5 as well as 750/55-26.5 for 24.5 rims. 

To get more information about our brand-new Alliance F344 ELIT (Low Pressure) tires, please visit Alliance booth at Euroforest 2018 (June 21-23) in France www.euroforest.fr. Our booth is located at E20, ALLEE E, Stand N°20.

Published on: 07 JUN 2018