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Alliance to present two highly innovative forest tires at Euroforest in France

Alliance forestry tires have earned an excellent reputation for theirperformance, reliability and long service life. At Euroforest in France(June 21-23, 2018), Alliance is now to present two new patterns in therenowned Forestar III series: Forestar 643 III and Forestar 644 III.

Both tires were especially developed for forwarders and harvesters toensure maximum traction and performance under all circumstances. Withand without boogie tracks, these new tires reliably deliver in all kindsof heavy duty forestry operations. The unique tread patterns ensure thatboth tires are compatible with boogie tracks even with heavy loads andwhen operating under wet soil conditions.

In addition to providing maximum traction, effectively protecting thesoil against compaction is a key objective of Alliance. That is why anextra wide tread width and a wide tread radius were chosen, thusensuring that Forestar 643 III and Forestar 644 III deliver maximumtraction with minimum compaction. At the same time, the wide foot printof the Forestar III series offers enhanced driver comfort.

Forestar 643 III – a perfect match for boogie tracksAs one of the most advanced solutions in forestry tires, the brand newAlliance Forestar 643 III is engineered for ultimate trackcompatibility. When used without boogie tracks, however, this tireequally provides exceptional grip also under critical forestryconditions. This tire is characterised by outstanding stability,excellent self-cleaning abilities and its resilient construction.

The improved heavier nylon construction and special steel belts ensurehigh load carrying capacity and excellent puncture resistance whilst thereinforced hexagonal bead technology prevents rim slippage and beadfailure. The flat tire profile and horizontal groves were specificallydesigned for unparalleled track grip. At the same time, wider lugs atthe shoulder provide extra support to track paws and enhance overallstability. As also minimising downtime is one of the importantobjectives in the development of Alliance tires, particular attentionwas given to the curb-rib design, to the unique shoulder buttressdesign, and to inter lugs around the shoulder of the Forestar 643 III.These features contribute to increased protection against side impactsand cracks as well as increasing puncture and penetration resistance.

The Alliance Forestar 643 III is available in sizes 710/40-22.5,710/45-26.5, 750/55-26.5 and 780/50-28.5.
Forestar 644 III: Synonym for unmatched tractionDesigned with a dual lug angle, the Alliance Forestar 644 III simplyprovides incredible grip and traction. The sturdy construction of thistire ensures exceptional performance – thus also beating the mostchallenging working conditions. Thanks to the tire’s remarkableresistance against damage, tire life is maximised.

Just as Forestar 643 III tires, also the Forestar 644 III features animproved heavier nylon construction with special steel belts and thereinforced hexagonal bead technology. These characteristics ensureexcellent puncture resistance and high load carrying capacity whilstpreventing rim slippage and bead failure. The low lug angle at theshoulder enhances traction whilst the higher lug angle at the centrecontributes to the tire’s high durability. The wide lug centre blockensures stability and ride comfort, and the large tread width allows fora wide footprintwhich results in reduced ground pressure.

The Alliance Forestar 644 III is available in sizes 600/50-22.5,710/40-22.5, 710/40-24.5, 600/55-26.5, 710/45-26.5, 750/55-26.5,800/40-26.5, 710/55-28.5 and 780/50-28.5.

Forestry tires at their bestAlliance forestry tires are developed and manufactured to cope with themost demanding requirements of forestry machinery and tough terrains.Punctures, sidewall damages and external stubble damages are keyproblems affecting forestry tires. The heavy sidewall profile and theheavy tread under the pattern of Forestar III tires of Alliance areunique in the forestry sector. Especially designed tread compoundsensure minimal damage due to cuts and punctures during forestryoperations. The low sidewall deflection is also a key feature for thenew tires of the Forestar III series, as the sidewall will not deflectmore than 5% even with 100% load. The stability of tires is crucial, andthis is particularly true with heavy loads on uneven forest surfaces.The outstanding stability of Forestar III tires is ensured by specialgrade steel belts and HBC bead technology. A special bead buildingmachine and toolings were used for these modern forestry tires for thefirst time.

Published on: 15 JUN 2018