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Bioenergy Salon, New production chains at EIMA International

The third edition of EIMA Energy is taking its place in the international exposition of agricultural mechanization with a specialized exhibition of machinery and systems for the production and treatment of agricultural biomass for energy purposes. The salon was organized by ENAMA and ITABIA to provide a wealth of conferences, workshops and guided tours for gaining an understanding of the ways and means for the use of green raw materials for energy production.

Biomass is available virtually anywhere and provides a resource for obtaining a wide range of natural products which can compete with oil derivatives. This versatility is of interest in many national and international market sectors, extending from fibers for textiles to the panel industry and biomaterials for building construction and on to fertilizers, but is of special interest for the production of renewable energy. Among the sources alternative to fossil fuels, biomass is the only one which can guarantee its presence on the land, continuous supplies and planned utilization. These are the issues on which the third edition of EIMA Energy is focused, the bioenergy salon set for November 7 to 11 in Bologna within EIMA International. The salon was organized by the National Agricultural Mechanization Agency, ENAMA, and the Italian Biomass Association, ITABIA, working in cooperation with FederUnacoma, for the purpose of offering visitors a packed schedule of informative events entirely centered on issues connected to the bioenergy production chain. A number of conferences and seminars are planned in which leading experts will illustrate the financial, energy and environmental opportunities offered in this promising sector and also underscore the central role played by agri-forestry mechanization. Within EIMA Energy there will be no shortage of targeted joint information and entertainment initiatives of the type which ensured such a remarkable success for previous editions. Other than making room for the ENAMA Biomass Project, Area 49 will host a dynamic display of agricultural and forestry mechanization for the production of woody biomass. Thanks to the contribution of the National Research Council and Trees and Timber Institute, CNR-IVALSA, guided tours have been organized for a survey of all the phases in the production chain of biomass for energy use. The exhibitions will cover descriptions and operations of machinery for the transport of logs, working firewood, forestry chipping, shredding residues and pellet production, collecting and conditioning agriculture residues and so forth. The demonstrations will be held five times a day over a course planned to provide visitors total safety and cover in case of rain. Also planned are technical visits outside the trade fair center to biogas plant and facilities for remote heating with biomass. For reasons of convenience, the sites chosen are not far from Bologna so they will not take up more than a morning out. Registration for these visits can be completed on the website www.eimaenergy.it which contains all the detailed information needed. Finally, for providing full information on the sector and the initiatives scheduled, aside from the abovementioned site, there are plans for the distribution of a guide-catalogue which also features a summary report on state of the art in bioenergy in Italy specifically compiled by ITABIA.

Published on: 26 OCT 2012