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New generation of Pöttinger TERRADISC compact disc harrows

The end of one harvest is the start of the next: harvest residues need to be worked in evenly so decomposition gets a head start. This mixture of straw and earth creates optimum conditions for soil life and consequently for the next harvest crop. The specialist in shallow tillage is the TERRADISC compact disc harrow. Pöttinger has revised this soil preparation all-rounder and is now introducing to the market the 1001 series as a 3-point-mounted rigid version.

The disc harrow has been completely revised and technically updated.
A major change is the new Twin-Arm-System that features two additional concave discs, each mounted on a wide clamping bracket. This design guarantees the highest stability thanks to the large dimensions of the bracket. As a result the angle of slant of the disc remains absolutely constant and the disc is not pushed to the side in heavy soil. In addition the thickness of the discs has been increased, while the diameter of each disc is 13 percent larger at 580 mm. All in all, that adds up to an enormous increase in service life of up to 45 percent for the new generation.  Pöttinger thus sets new standards in service life and durability with these machines.
To adjust the working depth you only need to operate the hydraulic remote valve on the tractor - as standard. You no longer need to leave the cab. The disc bearings also offer the highest level of convenience thanks to total freedom of maintenance: the bearings on the disc arms are mounted on bolts and feature a large-diameter, twin-race tapered bearing with labyrinth seal (six-fold seal) for the best protection. The labyrinth seal is also shielded mechanically by a plate cover to protect against long-fibred harvest trash or bale twine left in the field.

The outermost discs with depth adjustment and can be raised for tidy merging. A light edging disc that can be shifted from side to side and levelling tines with tangential 14-mm-thick tines are also available as an option.

The new TERRADISC generation features a headstock with 3 top link positions, where the uppermost position can also be used as a slot. In combination with the clevis-type category II lower links with three height positions and an adjustable headstock with two angle settings, a perfect match is guaranteed to all tractors and all operating requirements.

Published on: 02 JUL 2012