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Cenius mulch cultivator: new models and new specifications

Amazone has extended its range of three row Cenius mulch cultivators with the new, trailed Cenius-T model. The most important benefit of the trailed models in working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m or 4 m is that even tractors with a re-duced lift capacity are able to safely transport the machines.

The Cenius-T is linked to the tractor via a drawbar fitted to the lower link arms of the tractor (Cat. III). The Amazone wedge ring roller functions as the run-ning gear as well as also reconsolidating the soil. Lifting and lowering of the machine is carried out via the hydraulic depth control.

Plus, in addition, Amazone, with immediate effect, now also offers, as an op-tion to the already well established levelling spring tine closers or the smooth levelling discs, a new style serrated levelling disc  - available on both the mounted and the trailed Cenius models. The 460 mm diameter serrated discs ensure a positive drive in all soil conditions and provide an even more inten-sive mixing effect which is of particular advantage where high amounts of or-ganic matter prevail. The bearings of the serrated concave discs are, as with the smooth discs, completely maintenance-free. As standard, the discs are fitted with an overload safety device which is carried out via the proven sprung rubber mountings. Also, Amazone points out the additional setting possibilities for the side discs. These can be adjusted individually for width, working depth and angle to ensure a clean run for the next bout under all conditions.

Published on: 06 JUL 2012