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Krone cracks down on maize kernels

The new Krone disc crackers present a step up in intensive kernel processing and yet allow for highest throughputs. This is the result of a survey that Krone conducted among its Big X customers. Contractor Jörg Henke in Germany confirms that the Krone cracker delivers an outstanding performance. "Compared with existing standard crackers, this new disc cracker offers a 2.3 times larger surface area to crush the crop. The technology guarantees a smooth crop flow, optimised kernel treatment and highest through-puts. We deliver chopped forage of first-rate quality to all our cus-tomers, cutting the material to 5-7mm chops for biogas producers and 14-25mm chops for livestock farmers. It is especially the 14-25mm lengths-of-cut that give evidence of the high-class perfor-mance of the Krone disc cracker. The kernels are cracked very ef-fectively while the fabric is retained in an exemplary way, which means the crop is finely crushed yet not compressed and squeezed. After our excellent experience with the system in the last season, we are now upgrading two other Big X 1100 machines with the system."

As another advantage, the interlocking V-shaped discs allow for a larger gap and the two shafts run at identical speeds, reducing input power of up to 10% and cutting fuel consumption rates per tonne of harvested crop.
Each disc on the Krone cracker is made from a solid piece of chro-mium carbide, which has a positive effect on durability. After all, extensive trials during the past few years have shown that the disc cracker offers a three times longer service life than the standard cracker. You can naturally replace the discs individually should this be necessary.
The Krone disc cracker was tailored to the high-throughput Big X forage harvesters, which also harvest crops for the biogas industry. For the 2013 season, the disc cracker will be available for all Big X 700, 850 and 1100 series models.

The background: Maize kernels that are harvested for biogas pro-ducers require more intensive cracking, which leads to increased biogas yields and gas production rates. On the other hand, cutting the material to 14mm chops for livestock feed, the cracker's larger friction area leads to more effective kernel treatment for better di-gestibility while the fabric of the crop is retained.

Published on: 16 JUL 2012