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Lemken: High-quality wear parts for maximum demands

Introducing the new Lemken Dural and DuraMaxx wear part ranges

Wear parts are a significant economic factor for any farm and the selection should be based on local farming conditions and projected acreages. As of now, Lemken is subdividing its tillage wear parts range into the Dural (long service life) and DuraMaxx (extra-long service life) product lines to meet customers’ varying demands.  

Lemken is a manufacturer specialising in the production of tillage equipment. Considering its comprehensive depth of in-house production, which also includes a heat treatment facility, the German company traditionally focuses its core strengths on designing and producing high-quality equipment parts. As early as the mid-1980s, Dural plough bodies were introduced as the first ever generation of wear parts identified by their own brand name. Some 10 years ago, the Dural bodies were followed up by the introduction of DuraMaxx bodies made from specially hardened steel, increasing service life by 150%. 

Lemken has since expanded its portfolio of high wear-resistant parts to cover the area of stubble cultivation. The range of wear parts for the Lemken Karat cultivator, for example, now includes a full range of carbide parts to supplement the existing standard steel and hard-faced shares. Also, in addition to the proven standard specification of discs offered for the Rubin compact disc harrow, Lemken now offer discs made from highly-tempered steel, providing 20% longer service life. As Lemken‘s range of high-performing wear parts is continuously broadened to cover all other equipment types, Lemken now sells these products under its well-known DuraMaxx brand and has adopted the Dural brand for its durable standard-spec part offering.

Published on: 17 ABR 2019